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Alright guys. It was so wonderful sharing music for you all. I have expanded my musical horizons more than I ever thought possible, while writing for this site. I hope that my efforts have made you go out there and buy some quality tunes. A HUGE thanks goes out to my compadres in this musical voyage: bRain, n9mmnikes, Rilla & Nick. Good music lives forever. Until Next Time! Thank you and goodbye!




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celebrate a wonderful life


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Why not?

So I haven’t been posting lately… the reason? I no longer have an internet connection as I moved. Buuut in the little time I have spent online i found this retarded/funny song… got a laugh out of it… maybe u will too. Fun electro style beat.

Speech Defect – Ice Cream Truck


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Wa-le jus’ chillin’

For my latest mixtape, “110%”, I decided to remix Wale’s first major label single “Chillin” f/ Lady Gaga. For the remix, I wanted to go with something more organic to make it different than the 808- & synth-heavy original. To keep it DC, I sampled a break from go-go band Trouble Funk’s “Let’s Get Small”, which Boogie Down Productions used on their classic “Criminal Minded”. From there, I layered 2 other breaks that BDP used in that song (Isaac Hayes’ “Breakthrough” and Syl Johnson’s “Different Strokes”) and added some more samples and loops to accompany certain lines that Wale raps. The result is an uptempo, mega-mix style remix, suitable for the clubs, the jeeps, the streets, bar mitzvahs, weddings and ipods. 110%!

via: skratch bastid

this is nice for the clubb, the carr, the beachh, the girll & summerrrr

I heard Wale’s name (pronounced Wa-Leh) out on the streets of LA. It put a smile on my face. DC is moving quality. Cant wait for this album to drop. The Mixtape about nothing has been posted here quite a few times. But in case you were asleep, heres your chance.

download: Wale ft. Lady Gaga – Chillin’ (Skratch Bastid REMIX)

download: Wale – Mixtape About Nothing


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You know who…

because he’s gotten me through some rugged months recently and I haven’t seen him on here enough recently….

I didn’t know about him when I was back in Madrid, but I still kick myself every day for not goin to that show with Dre and meetin the boy Blu. Expect another post about this fool sooner than later.


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No-Doze Medicine

so damn down.

Tanya Morgan’s first mixtape and sophmore cd, entitled Brooklynati are amazing. Enough said. Think new age De La meets ATCQ.

download: Tanya Morgan is a Rap Group Mixtape

download: Tanya Morgan Ft. Blu – Morgan Blu

support: Tanya Morgan – Brooklynati

summer summer summer timee


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things i dig on graduation day


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