About Us

Welcome to Soul Rap and Subway Maps. After a combination of Pownce accounts started to get out of hand, we’ve decided to come together to release a blog so that the world could benefit from what we were already enjoying. This is not going to always be the latest, up to date rap and hip-hop. It’s not going to be a biased look at hip-hop either. It’s going to be good, old, new, fresh, throw-back, progressive hip-hop. Hip-Hop that we like, and that you will too. With a little Street Art thrown in for good measure. We will keep you updated on the raw, uncut, styled culture that you have been hurting for.

SoulRap & Subway Maps is

Brain – From the dirty D Dallas Texas, hoppin through Madrid and now grindin’ through Chicago tryin’ to make somethin’ of his life. Only surviving on grilled sandwiches and too much coffee.

Dre – Currently living in Newport Beach, California & studying at Irvine. Tired of the monotone, the cacophony inside my head seems to get louder by the minute. Making swift moves in the game from an entirely new plane, call if you need a lawyer.

Caleb – Lil brother of Brain. Currently living in Dallas, Texas. On some hard southern ish with a fair dose of everything else. He’s taught me everything I know.

Nick- Based out of Santa Barbara, Nick is throwing some knocking beats and ill rhymes for the Soulraps fiends.

Rilla- Also based out of Santa Barbara, Rilla drops vital knowledge on hip-hop. He’s got the eclectic ear for everything good in music/

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