Santa Barbara Mixtape! [updated link]

flickr: Vlahaha

Yeah my boys on on the SB shoreline just shot this mixtape over in my direction. I only got a second to write, but these guys are ligit hip hop music lovers. and this mix theyve made is ridiculous. SO, Huge shout out goes to our celeb Mixtape Dj’s Nick & Kaz out hailing from UCSB! This Mixtape is ridiculously good…. Here at Soulraps we will sponser anything you think is great Hip Hop. For anyone else with a ridiculous mixtape throw us a SHOUT! Im looking forward to the next mixtape Nick & Kaz…

download: Santa Barbara Mixtape (Mixed by Nick & Kaz)





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6 responses to “Santa Barbara Mixtape! [updated link]

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  2. Trev

    Dl’ing right now for my drive up north tomorrow, thanks guys.

  3. Trev

    “Small Town” by Nappy Roots

    What can I say… this song embodies everything I look for in a hip hop song.

    What are Nappy roots up to these days anyways? Haven’t really paid much attention to those guys sense back in high school. Quick search on google didn’t show any shows coming up 8 (

  4. Trev

    man I wish we could edit our posts for spelling haha.

  5. Nick

    Trev, nappy roots put out a LP this summer “the humdinger” its a great disc, i think they are on a different label then they were for their last album so it may be a little harder to find.

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