Mixtape Download Instructions

Downloading Instructions
We here at Soulrap understand that most of our (if not all) readers are not the usual hip-hop blog surfing crowd. But we like that. We both lead pretty busy lives and thus cannot keep up with the likes of a Nahright, NMC in general, Missinfo, etc, however we do strive to bring ya’ll some good-ass hip-hop, even if we aren’t throwin up the newest Boosie track every day. Anyway, since most of ya’ll don’t do this on the regular like Andre and myself, I’ve had a few complaints about downloading the mixtapes. It’s really pretty easy and I’m gonna walk you through it right now.

If the tracklist entices you, or if you haven’t heard any of the names and it intimidates you, you should still click DOWNLOAD… in orange. This will take you to zShare, where we upload the mixtapes to online. Now you click that big Download Now button. At this point, you should be taken to the download screen, and in a short 20 seconds a download link will appear. HOWEVER, zShare is free and thus runs off ads, and sometimes an Ad will show up here. If that happens, just click the big red SKIP THIS AD button in the top right of your screen. Now click the “download here” that is in blue to download the mixtape, find it on your computer, double click it to un-zip it.

Make a new playlist in iTunes, and drag the whole folder into it. This ensures that the mixtape CAN be listened to as we meant for you to – we work a little harder to keep the songs in the order that we want them in. EASY RIGHT?


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