So[ul] full of Piano

Hey team. This is kaz[rilla] from the celeb sb mix a while back. Dre brought me and Nick in here as regulars. So hopefully we’ll be bringing you guys some more hiphop love. Anyways this piano mix is my first post. Whenever I hear a good piano backed song I’m always like “shoo I wanna hear more” but hate having to find them. I figure theres others out there with this deal so I made this mix for ya’ll. Not really any new stuff in the mix. Alot of it you guys have prolly heard b4. Couple of them been posted on here already. But! its all in one place so kick back, chill and let the music put a smile on yo face. Enjoy!

p.s. if stuff don’t work thats my bad. gotta get used to the site.

Piano Mixtape




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2 responses to “So[ul] full of Piano

  1. soulrap

    yo, I’m really looking forward to this! good shit man, welcome!!


  2. W.Rex

    Ditto, piano makes any song that much better in my book.

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