My plain’s outta reach, yeah I’m on a new plateau “Danny, why you had to do that fo’?”

Well, It’s that time of year again. I remember when I was 18, I had little if any clue what was going on. I remember just being generally confused about shit. I had a plethora of very ill thought out ‘plans’ or ‘ideas’ that i would soon realize are completely ridiculous to pursue. But fuck it, at 18 you bet i still tried most of them. I had no clue what was in store for me in college. I had no idea how much I would be shaped by the upcoming years. Maybe the memories are faded and blurry because my mind state was pretty faded and blurry. No way to reverse that. But hey, when better to truly squeeze life of all its delicious juice? I say fuck it, and quoting my favorite line of one of the most genius musicians and song writers of all time,

“Id rather have a bottle in front of me, than a frontal lobotomy.”

-Tom Waits

On February 27th, Danilo the bro, turns 18.

He seems to have a little more of a clue than i did at his age. But Im still expecting a plethora of stories of “that one time i got really hammered,” or “shit man, you wont believe what happened last night.”

In honor of the man that he is (almost), he created a mixtape. Like any self-respecting 18yr old male should. Appropriately entitled “18 with a Bullet,” Danilo seems to define his first 18 years of owning this earth with some fly music. Yeah this list has Nikitina, Danny!, Ice Cube, and of course  Samuel L being a genuinely bad-ass motherfucker.

All the best, the love, the good to come, youre my backbone

happy birthday danilo

this is mixtape is ridiculous.

download: “18 With a Bullet”-mixed by Danilo

[edit: better link, zshare blows]

iTunes Playlist: 18 w/ a Bullet

Title Artist Duration
1.Spooky LS&2SB OST OST 2:35.845993041992
2.Caught In A Verse Andre Nickatina 2:38.511001586914
3.Ezekiel 25:17 [Dialogue] Samuel L. Jackson 0:52.062000274658
4.Down For Whatever Ice Cube 4:41.545989990234
5.On The Side Prolyphic & Reanimator 4:1.501998901367
6.Charm Danny! 4:25.925994873047
7.93 ’til Infinity Souls of Mischief 4:46.536987304688
8.What Goes Around Comes Around Move.meant 4:33.161987304688
9.I See Colours Edan 2:32.919998168945
10.Playing With Old Flames Prolyphic & Reanimator 3:11.294006347656
11.Hortifuckinculturi LS&2SB OST OST 0:16.22200012207
12.I Can«t Wake Up KRS-One 3:34.177001953125
13.Shove this Jay-Oh-Bee Canibus 4:22.226013183594
14.Let The Beat Die Backwards Wafeek 2:50.578994750977
15.Two Track Mind Prolyphic & Reanimator 3:30.102005004883
16.It’s Been Emotional LS&2SB OST OST 0:6.269000053406
17.18 With A Bullet LS&2SB OST OST 4:14.145004272461




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3 responses to “My plain’s outta reach, yeah I’m on a new plateau “Danny, why you had to do that fo’?”

  1. eyyy word up my niga shits real. i aint droppin by much, word up on tha prolyphic n andre! hit me up my myspace…

  2. Hell yeah, happy birthday to the bruh. This is the shit.

  3. happy birthday dani…. one love come to newps and see us, love the tunes. fresh mix to def

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