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Keelay & Zaire – The Times (feat. Blu, Fortlive & Nino Moschella

Sick video.. and its featuring Blu, so we have to post it.

edit: Video



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Trail Mix

Trail Mix…. this album is amazing. The last few days I’ve been listening to this disc almost exclusively. Its got that laid back vibe i need.

Here are a couple of tracks off of Collective Efforts’ ‘Trail Mix’ (2006)

I really dig these guy’s beats and choruses… beautiful southern style.


ps. don’t forget to pick up Dre’s mixtape ‘Believe It’, believe me, its sick.

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Cool story as told by ?uestlove about our good man James Yancey. Such mad respect for his work ethic. Love it.

“i ask him about this and he said its better to suffer for 30 mins with a record than to skim through the shit and next thing you know you hear someone else use a part you coulda freaked better but cause of lack of patience you opted not to.

hmmm novel thought.

so i asked which approach is his gonna take….and he said he wanted to see if there was another juicy part for him to take…

so now we a half hour into it i was like “well…..there are no clean parts…..roy is talking all over that shit over and over….its impossible to find a juicy spot.”

lol i wonder if he was appeasing me like “you mere mortal do you not know i created heaven and earth in 7 days? muahahahahahaah” in his head.

he just said

“yuuup….pssshhh man…..i dunno how imma freak it”…..

Read the whole story HERE


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Soulrap Mixtape – “Believe It”

Tical, Guatamala

Tical, Guatamala

Burn the mix to CD, play it for friends, that was how the mixes were originally supposed to be listened to. If you like the music, buy the music. We make these mixes to PROMOTE the artists, not give away their material. Thanks, Enjoy.

Download: “Believe It”

iTunes Playlist: “Believe It”

Title Artist
1.Grandma’s Hands Bill Withers
2.Straight out of the Jungle Jungle Brothers
3.Rousseau Cyne
4.Everyday Struggle – A Day In The Life of a Fool Notorious B.I.G. & Frank Sinatra
5.Therapy feat. Evidence, Blu, Talib Kweli & Kid CuDi Alchemist 4:24.5419921875
6.Soul Incredible ft. Antonio Dye ( Nicolay) Small Eyez 4:9.990997314453
7.The Find feat. Sto The 89th Key Ohmega Watts 4:55.679992675781
8.The Raach Box Stock Opts Ta’Raach 6:43.200012207031
9.Believe (feat. D’Angelo) Q-Tip 2:57.031005859375
10.Everywhere 7L And Esoteric 3:13.070999145508
11.Losing Out (feat. Royce Da 5’9″) Black Milk 4:55.261993408203
12.Delivery Man (9th Wonder Remix) The Cool Kids 3:29.736999511719
13.F.I.L.O. (feat. Shing02) Nujabes 3:31.199996948242
14.Can We?? (Chill Again) (feat. Aloe Blacc) 14KT 3:22.813995361328
15.Give It Up Thes One + J-Live 5:52.626007080078
16.Drop the Drums Slum Village 3:36.789993286133
17.One Shine Panacea 4:1.162002563477
18.Four Quarters Pacewon & Mr. Green 5:27.679992675781
19.Run It Back Finale 4:6.830993652344
20.Valediction Foreign Exchange 2:1.234001159668

ps. Every song on this is ridiculous.



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Illa J “Yancey Boys”

Illa J – R U Listenin Ft. Guilty Simpson (on my old mixtape)

Illa J – We Here

-off the Yancey Boys album: all unreleased dilla beats with illa; pick it up.

-yea we shake these haters like dice


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The Click – Hurricane

That Hurricane aint no joke


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Pose is a sick writer from Chicago, reppin D30 MSK. Check out this video, you can see one of his amazing productions start to finish. Great painting.


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