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Hi 808

ya… I know I suck… I have not heard any new music in months.. it honestly is killing me.

But there is good news, in my small amount of time online i found that Blue Scholars just released some new music on a new record label. you know its quality.



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SB MIXTAPE 2 – The People Need Music

Santa Barbara Mixtape take two. Put alot of time that should have been spent studying in on this one. Enjoy =)




-updated link for sexiness



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Scholars and snow

The snow came….shows got canceled.  Blue Scholars did a video about it.

sick beat,  Sabzi always on point.


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Blue Scholars

These guys are sick, all their songs are quality. I just wanted to post a few of their videos so we all can remember to get their music, or to give it another listen. As much new music I listen to I always find myself gravitating back to Blue Scholars.

Northwest does it right.  Beats are ridiculous… Sazbi is the man. (Sazbi also does Common Market’s beats)


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Taco Tuesday Rant – “The Hip Hop State”

Hip hop? You there? awww yeahhh i found ya. You know what has really been pleasing me as of late? Besides you alllllllllllllllllll (******* Charlene that better?), is the state of hip hop. I remember when everyone was dropping tracks saying ‘hip hop is dead’, ‘its never coming back’, ‘the radio murked hip hop’, ‘i want to bitch’,,,,,,,……… What happened? Well like the economy Hip Hop is GOING(*******) to make a resurgence. Let me voice my opinion why….

Point #1: The Underground is not so under….? Murs just dropped an album on universal that is getting praised like the pope. Well maybe not that much but common, its Murs! Im glad he is taking on the head label execs at their own game. Speaking of underground, Atmosphere is a household name now, hahahahahah YEAH SLUG & ANT! no one saw that one coming from the midwest? Or did they??? (***** PS: Jake One, Ant’s new prodigee is amazing. if you didnt already know…)

Shawn Chrystopher is another name you will hear VERY soon. Shawn is a BEAST. My boy & roommate DJ Charlie Fitzpatrick just had him on his radio show just the other day. Dude spit some wicked rhymes, enlightened about his unique style, and threw some ill material at us. Furthermore this cat hasnt even put out an underground album yet. And he just got signed to Universal with a huge sponsorship from LRG. If that isnt saying something then i dont know what is. I will enlighten you with some of his ridiculous material in a bit….

Download Shawn Chrystopher – Love Lockdown Freestyle

Blu!! yeah i had to throw it out. Blu is reaching heights i would have NEVER imagined. Dude put out what, 4 discs is like a year??? Everyone knows his name! i had a girl come up to me and spit one of his lyrics the other day. I was like whhhhhhatttt! (i told her i loved her immediately after, but thats another story….) Plus all hip hop fiends like myself are just drooling over any new material the boy puts out. He is the definition of the true emcee, am i wrong??

Another name that is holding fort is T.I. … This guy is legit i have to say. dude put out good music. Its a fact. His new album is completely legit, besides the few songs that suck. But seriously. TI had a revelation of sorts after his brush with the law. Im glad for him. Hes got that wicked verse on Swagger Like Us song with Ye, Jay and Weeze.

Bun B– Dude has taken the death of Pimp C as Super motivation to lay down FIRE tracks. If you havent heard this man recently you must be living under a rock. Bun has the swagger that these hipsters dream about at night. I hate that word by the way, Swagger. Real Swagger? Jeru the Damaja, Slick Rick, Masta Ace all had some for some time now…. plus all the other dope ass artists that alotta people havent discovered yet.

Download DJ Statik Selektah – Get Out of the Way Ft. Bun B

B.O.B. Is the shit. Nothing more to say. Dude is fresh to death and will not settle for making bad music.

Kid Cudi... Ha, you know how i feel about the kid. Hes Producing, Rapping, Singing, Damn i fiend this like the her-ionnnnnnnn

J*Davey – you know im digging this:

Point #2: Mainstream ishh isnt so mainstream???? WHAT IS GOING ON? In order to dissect this rare occurrence we need to do some investigation. First thing i see is that KANYE IS RUNNING IT. dudes on like every station in the world right now, no joke. that American Boy song aint hip hop but he sure produced it. Dude is super producer extraordinaire. Anything he puts his stamp of approval on (**** Justice, Daft Punk, American boy Girl, MIA****) goes like quadruple platinum over night. I must say i dont like All of his new stuff, but he is still pretty much holding hip hop down with quality. which is So Appreciated….

Okay So why is Mainstream giving up so much? Lets think. I must admit first off that this Economy Crunch we are experiencing MUST have something to do with it. Big Record label companies are not able to fund just ishh music that they find any more. They need real artists, and musicians, people who will stay around past a one hit wonder. I mean damn they gave MURS a record deal!!! lol i hate to bring it up so much but you know it makes me so happy dude is finally getting paid what he deserves. Clear Channel is taking a new stance on the music they allow to play no? I believe they are smartening up. Artists are getting smarter, are making better deals, and are straight out hungry to get a deal. Maybe these labels realized these artists should be the ones to support? Who really knows. Besides the filthy rich white dudes who run music…

Point #3: People are plain sick and tired of hearing the same thing. Now, now let me rephrase, I believe SOME people are sick and tired of the same old stuff that the radio had to offer. Sure the big hit songs are still going to garner attention but i think the artists that are making those big hit songs arent the usual suspects you would be used to hearing lets say 3 years ago.

Point #4: Hip Hop is STILL selling. Much more than that other crap. Check Weeze’s #’s right now. Woooeeee. Props to that man for selling himself so well. Hes got the grit necessary to be a hip hop mongul.

Point #5: Super Producers. Straight up. Production IS BACK!!! People are recognizing that the Emcee is only 1/2 the equation. Producers like Blackmilk, Mr. Green, Premier (for basically all time), 9th Wonder, Exile, T la Raach, BEATJUNKIES, J-Rocc, Ayatolla, DJ Sabzi (Blue Scholars, Common Market), House Shoes, 14KT….. the list is excruciatingly long. Those are just the few on the top of my head but damn. ALL these guys are making such high quality beats! I really cant get over it. Eric B & Premier should be extremely proud of all the talent they influenced. The emcee aint ishh without a dope man behind the 1’s and 2’s. remember that….


Point #6: This is probably my weakest point but i have to say it because i think ive been watching this phenomenon explode in front of my eyes.

HIPSTERS. I Know, I know, these dudes are wack. But damn they are throwing shine to some groups that TRULY deserve it and i am So thankful for that. Plus i think all these hipster dudes and cats are just post-emo kids who looked for another fad to jump on. So thats all gravy because i hated that emo shit. But seriously hipsters, stop using swagger in every other sentence. I am so over that damn word. I think alotta other hip hop fiends are annoyed by it too evident by the hateful words floating around the internet. Whatever at least these kids arent doing superman dances… or finger snapping… because as fun as it is to do that every now and again, you gotta admit that people who do that shit on the daily look like fools. or 12.

Final Remarks: So Case in point, Hip hop is not in that bad of a state. People are still keeping hip hop fresh. Like good bloggers. and good musicians. and overall people who care about making good music that we all could vibe to. Therefore as long as Hip Hop stays fresh and innovative like it seems like now, i dont think we have a problem. end rant.



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