Rebelution played at my school at our Reggae Festival. This group is solid from bottom up. Based out of Santa Barbara, this group has a special vibrance that is incredibly captivating. Rebelution’s sound is comparable with Sublime, Slightly Stupid, or Pepper. They really knew how to rock the show. Be smart and Support this group.

purchase: Courage to Grow

download: Safe & Sound

stellar quality Reggae music!

5/5 stars


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7 responses to “Rebelution!

  1. Nick

    haha yes! these are real IV locals. Freshman year they would play semi-weekly shows on DP. Really quality stuff.

  2. Tal

    I was at reggaefest, it was really sick. Rebelution definitely blew me away, their new CD is gonna be unreal!

  3. Sarah

    I can’t wait for their second album!! They play such a killer live show!

  4. dre

    Tal, good to hear you were at the show. It was the best Reggaefest I’ve been to. Im already looking forward to next year’s.

  5. Brian

    nexts years reggaefest will be the best to date! Rebelution is so sick live

  6. Sam

    such a sweet show..nothing like getting off work on friday and going straight to a Rebelution show!

  7. they’re the greatest. music speaks for itself!

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