Mixtape – What You Thought Hops


Tracks/Description (if interested)

Typical Cats – What You Thought Hops:  Listen to this song… with your hips,  great spoken word intros to a sick song.

MF Wooly – Repetition Heart Sickness/Letter to the Princess:  Basically one song split in two tracks, nice guitar sample, progressive flows.

Emancipator – Soon It Will Be Cold Enough to Build Fires:  Instrumental track… straight fire… get this guys album, all the songs are just as good, its great chill/study music.

AmpLive – Video Tapez: Beat is ridiculous… ridiculous.

Panacea – The Great Escape: This may be my favorite track on the mix, really amazing song.

Jazz Liberatorz – I Am Hip Hop: Love the chorus/lyrics on this one, exellent jazzy hip-hop… Listen to the baseline

Nujabes – Feather: If you dont have this song already, consider this your lucky day. Most played song on my iTunes. It’s  just amazing… moving lyrics, beautiful beat. I  can’t say enough good about this song.

Handsome Boy Modeling School – The Truth: Good vibes, its a little long.. but I could listen to this beat for days.

Morcheeba – Reflections Eternal Mix: Dope raps/vibe. Talib/Morcheeba blend really well.

Elzhi – Talking In My Sleep: Dope storytelling over an addicting beat. Dope

Adam Tensta – My Cool: Brain posted this song back in soulrap’s uber.com days. It soon became my house’s theme song last summer. Really fun party/dance song.

Oddisee – Hip Hop’s Cool Agian: I really love the drums on this one, Oddisee’s rhymes go perfect. One of my favorite tracks on this mix.

Kid Cudi – Dat New New: Since Cudi’s last mixtape The Moon Man was meh we dident put it up on soulrap. So to make up for that, me and Kaz decided to take the best part of that tape and put it on this mixtape.

Cyne – Boombox Pimp: Brand new Cyne, I’m not sure if this is out in the states yet. Fun beat, love the chorus. Gotta love happy songs.

Sergio Mendes – Yes Yes Ya’ll: Exellent party song, play this at ur next party. I have issues with the volum on this track, it may be really loud, if so turn down the track volume on iTunes.

Brother Ali – Good Lord: Nice piano sample and Brother Ali always on point.

Living Legends – She Wants Me: Fun song. heard it live and instantly decided to put it on my next mix.

Cyne – This Year:  More new Cyne, dope beat, nice lyrics.

Common – Be:  “never looking back, or to far in front of me. The present is a gift, and I just wanna be.” One of my favortie tracks of all time.

Senim Silla – For The Record: Really sick flow. Senim Silla (part of the late Binary Star) still holds it down.

PreZZure – Life: Kaz found this dude, he is SOOO nice on the production, definatly a name u will be hearing soon. But currently  it is VERY hard to find this guy’s music, took forever to get this one. Go to his myspace page and listen to ‘Mr Blue’, just amazing.

download: Mixtape – What You Thought Hops




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4 responses to “Mixtape – What You Thought Hops

  1. Hell yes – perfect timing

  2. Thx For The Post…

  3. also dope to see senim silla on here, binary star is a regular in my rotation right now

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