Art in the White House


Great news from The Wooster Collective, a great street art blog. I’ve had a strange feeling every since the new President took office that something would be changing in regards to street art and graffiti in general, and THIS sounds like we’re onto something. In short, The Wooster Collective husband-wife (I believe..) team took to the White House with about 60 other artist collectives to discuss art in our society and culture today. This alone is a huge step forward. They were allowed questions and even worked with some people in the House after a discussion, with the Collective primarily focusing on the issue of public vs. private space. Now, I’m not asking for legality. That’d rock my world in a bad way. But a little tolerance wouldn’t kill anyone. At the very least, lose the fuckin’ felonies.




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2 responses to “Art in the White House

  1. dre

    holy shit…. that is ***** 5 star

  2. dre

    i see the green ooze glow.. lol

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