Moment of Silence

This weekend has been pretty rough for the Chicago graffiti scene. We lost 3 people this weekend including old-schooler Kep and 2 young cats Afroe and Evol. I don’t know the story on Kep, but Afroe and Evol were taken from us pretty terribly. You can read the story if you want, but I’ll give you a quick recap. They were pulled over on the side of the Dan Ryan Expressway for a flat tire awaiting assistance early Friday morning when off duty Chicago Police officer Joseph Frugoli, who was 3 times the legal limit of alcohol and speeding, hit their car with his SUV. He was helped out of his car by a passerby and tried to flee the scene while the fire was too great and the 2 kids were trapped in their car and could not make it. He is being charged with attempting to flee, aggravated DUI and reckless homicide but posted bail this afternoon and is walking free. 

It’s beyond me how they can get away with treating him any different than a normal citizen.  He has a history of accidents, including one where he rear-ended an elderly man, sending him to the hospital, and another where he ran a stop sign and injured two policemen.  How can someone this ignorant be expected to do any good when he doesn’t follow the same rules that we would be severely (or abusively) punished for breaking?

I don’t have any wise words on this and I’m not just gonna say fuck the police outright. But this kind ignorance can’t go on. And I’m gonna do whatever I can to turn some heads. Ya’ll be easy and have a good week, let’s get motivated and do something with our lives cause they’re gettin shorter these days.



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