sky in my hand thats my goal

“Jay Z” vs Spanish Icon “El Fary” – Mash up by Cookin’ Soul

“¿Para cuando Bob Dylan remezclado con J Dilla? ¿Bob Dilla?”

solo puedo desear…

Still Miles from miles bonny on Vimeo.

This is all Cosmo Baker’s fault. I mean, I’ve always loved Saadiq going back to the TTT days, but hearing Cosmo’s mix of his work really put it all in perspective. Raphael Saadiq is a genius. Period. Just listen and you’ll see. From Tony! Toni! Tone! & Stevie Wonder to Q-Tip & DJ Quik, he is just that dude.

dj day and miles bonny killed this. If you havent heard Still Ray by Saadiq, stop sleeping!

downloadDJ Day & Miles Bonny – Still Miles (Still Ray)

downloadDJ Day – Skyy (Can You Feel Me)*




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