D’Angelo w/ David Sanborn & Friends- Use Me

D’Angelo covers one of my MOST favorite Bill Withers tracks, “Use Me”

Q-Tip let the world know that D’Angelo is going to be BACK from long hiatus to release an album early 2010. Tip says its amazing, Im going to take his word for it.

spotted tip’s twitt.

S0 – speaking/thinking/typing of the good word, Here is a word for you… or two.

Download this.

download: J. Period & Q-Tip – The Abstract [Best] Vol. 1

purchase: Q-Tip- The Renaissance

i mean, for real though you dont have to read/listen to anything you find on this beast of a micro-blog, but i say what i think, and i try to keep what i think in the highest of all quality… after all, true attention to an art is the only thing keeping people actually sane today…

that made sense in my head but got all convoluted in type, hopefully you get the gist .

“I’m just a brotherman descendant of the motherland
I fuck with blackberries and dimes and butter tens”

in other news:  im on this twitter revolution like white on rice. F the face. twitt is next gen & gladly very far from sketch societal-monitoring programs

so get at me.

tomorrow i got a midterm , then after that i drop this delicious set of BEATS. music is the only thing keeping me going.



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