detroit love dilla

you know this

download: Jaylib Live 2004

This is the first show we ever did. It was a party for the release of the Madvillain LP. We didn’t practice for the show… or any of them for that matter. I would ask them what they wanted to perform then they would go, “I don’t know….you make up the set list”… hahaha.

Well, thank you to Madlib & the Stones Throw Family (Wolf, Jank & Egonavichi) for giving me such an experience. It was a blessing … Getting to spin for my favorite producers. I remember getting tapes from Jake One of Slum Village and beat tapes and just geeking out with the few homies who knew what time it was. Then I’m getting to d.j. and go on tour with this dude. Man, talk about a dream come true.

Anyhow…enough with the heartfelt moments..”


ps mixtape dropping thursday filled with some of the greatest music to pass through your ear canals. get the chronicles, swishers, & headphones ready. i got some classic dilla tracks you never heard.



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6 responses to “detroit love dilla

  1. dan

    dre…where the fuck is a mixtape ?!?!

  2. dropping thursday. is the best i’ve done, for real this time lol

  3. WORD can’t wait. I need a new tape i’ve run through such a vivrant so many times that theyre all in my top 25 most played

  4. sucha vivrant thanggggg

  5. Trev

    fuck my youtube links… never lets me post embedded youtube links in comments…

    here is the link…

    check it out , i love this shit.

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