ummah love

Rare Form put on their 2nd Annual Donuts Are Forever celebration. The night honors the legacy of Jay Dee aka J Dilla and raises money for Lupus. This vid a capture of the night. Includes Phonte of Little Brother, Houseshoes, Illmind, Marco Polo, Tonya Morgan, Pumpkinhead, El-P, Lil Sci, OP!, Brainchild, DJ Eclipse, Torae, and many more!

Yo we do it and we don’t quit
Sucka nigga you don’t want it, it’s thelonious
Ownin this rap shit, super microphonist, and we known to spit
I spit fire like esther on sanford and son did
I’m raw dude, more juice than sunkiss
You want this, so mj kept sayin the rhyme flawless
Shit fly like mj in his prime, off the wall wit mines
I’m grabbin my balls when I rhyme, nine nines bustin plus
Ball all the time, now stay on your mind like great sex
You ain’t on my mind I’m thinkin ’bout paychecks
Niggas large like an adex avirex jacket
Yo the gods they bust like latex sex packets
Emcees they don’t rhyme and ball, they lyin’ to y’all
They dyin’ to ball, the rhyme we do all the time
We do all the fine bitches they fall in lines
Me and my mans is somethin like the source sports
We gettin money a long time and y’all short
My niggas bounce and full rise and y’alls fall
You funny doo, cuz really you think you can do me
When you roll a 500 that’s really a 320
Should of let somebody else hook it
Numbers look crooked like king kong shook it
I’m from where niggas bang gats when they celebrate
That’s how they play, don’t let it be a holiday
Thelonious niggas, if you testin us we get you laid back
Show you the definition of a pay back



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