De La Soul isnt Dead

De La Soul feat. Redman – Oooh

Art Official Intelligence

is one of De La’s best albums. Make sure you support this OG group. I remember seeing them live with like 100 other people in LA. Was most definitely one of the best shows ive ever seen.

Plug 1, Plug 2.

De La Soul – All Good

A lot say they wanna walk in my size 10’s
Aight then, here’s a pair
Lace ’em up tight then you might feel what was dealt to me
You see ain’t no young boys up in here, keep a clear head
Tryin to keep my pockets on stuffed, like deer heads
upon the wall, so all the gall we get from y’all DON’T FAZE
So mind your biz and walk away
cause I’m never gonna let you up inside my maze



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