Flying Lotus – UPDATE

I said if you want to stay then you can
be here with me.
but I can’t let go all this love, oh no, so easily.

I just picked up the Reset Ep and Los Angeles by Flying Lotus. Needless to say youre slacking if you dont have both. Steven Ellison is changing the way we listen to music. Through the new producers who have grown up under Dilla’s influence, Jay Dee will live on forever.

While making a documentary in Paris about his musical relatives, a taxi driver asked Steven Ellison aka Flying Lotus if he and his crew were musicians. He slumped down in his seat, but great aunt Alice Coltrane spoke up: “Yeah, this guy, he’s a musician too; he thinks he’s a filmmaker, though”.

-this is a fan made video for a recent short film festival

EDIT: heres a mashup of common and lotus. brought to you by the good folks @ THE HOOD -they always have the dope mashups of everything you can imagine. Props goes to danilo for finding this. check it.


bonus (heres is a fresh remix of Weezy that you need to have):

DOWNLOAD: flying lotus – robo tussin ft. lil wayne



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