Loose Ends

[Vimeo 2521808]

-Count Bass D – Neon Soul

-“Black Like a Hockey Puck, Compose like Wolfgang”

Artist: Count Bass D
Song: Neon Soul
Album: L7
Directed, Edited & Animated By: Distrakt
Count Bass D Illustration By: Ques

Thanks FWMJ!

-Blu – Mars (Produced by Dela) off of the dope looking: Atmosphere Airlines Pt. 2

-Cadek (Ft. Blu) – Hard Times

-Exile “Stay Tuned (Stay Here)” (feat. Muhsinah)

Fresh Selects FTW. Seriously, Kenny’s blog is the shit for everything good in music. Check out the B-sides of the album over at fresh. Exile’s new cd entitled Radio will be dropping January 20th. Ill give you the heads up because ill be all over that ish.

-DJ Craze is the shit. Here the DJ god is at the DMC 1998 US Finals Routine. Thanks FWMJ!

[Vimeo 2488190]

-Distrakt – Fire Escape

-This is a bad ass video & song. Distrakt is so dope.  i love the missing reel bit , reminds me of Grindhouse.



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