turn it

So yeah I got alot of videos up. Anyways the first 2 vids are of this guy DJ kentaro. He was the 2002 DMC technic world dj competition champ. His sh** is dope along with all the other competitors from the DMC competitions. Hint hint go look em up and check them out. They got all kinds of diff dj’s from all over the world. The 2nd vid is his winning routine at the 02 comp. The last 2 videos are of these sampler dj’s from japan called Hifana. Their album music is kind of weaksauce but live is just amazing. Look up the live version of a song called “wamono” for example. On a sidenote the really fun part of the last video starts pretty far in so don’t go nowhere and finish the vid…unless you get motion sickness. But ya hiphop goes in all directions (paint, dance, beats[,/box], scratch, words, et cetera)  so spread the joy even if this style aint yo slice of cake.



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