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ey, i found this indepth interview with Blu talking about his ridiculous Year in hip hop. I know we have some Blu fiends out here so i thought yall might be interested. enjoy….. youre my boy blu!

While the plan was always there to hit listeners with an onslaught of material, Blu will be the first to admit that things took off much quicker than initially expected. “I thought that it was going to take all three records to get recognition, but pretty much everything that I asked for was met with Below the Heavens,” he explains. “Before that, nobody thought that people would like Blu’s records. But once that came out and got a good response, people trusted us enough to put out other material. I was like, ‘Please, man, put out this catalog!’ These are other pieces of my foundation and I want people to know about it.”

While his debut rode heavy on a vibe that was both introspective and insightful, and the C.R.A.C. project embraced a more care-free cross-genre sound, Johnson&Jonson is intended to be Blu’s ‘rap-swagger’ project. “This album is basically everything that Exile wouldn’t let me put on Below the Heavens,” he laughs, noting that the two projects do stylistically overlap at some points. “I still try to make every single record I do different from any other record I’ve done in the past, as far as complete albums go. Regardless of how similar the content might be throughout records, stylistically they stand on their own.”

The songs on Johnson&Jonson are soaked with Blu’s wit and unabashed love for hip-hop. Like the rest of his projects, it’s evident from one listen that the young talent is definitely a student of the game. “Johnson&Jonson was like waking up for six months straight in the lab, cutting joints every day at Mainframe’s studio in Long Beach. For this album, I was inspired by both Snoop and Posdnous, as well Planet Asia’s first EP; I still bang that to this day! This fool’s pocket is just so precise – I still throw that back on just to see how somebody should flow.”

spotted at OkayPlayer

flow straight ridiculous

in stores now…



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